About us

From our hometown Stockholm, we create purposeful audio products to simplify choices for sound-savvy personalities around the world. Uniting Swedish design thinking with carefully selected forward-looking functions is what we’re all about. It’s even in our name: Design + function = Defunc. The result? Earbuds and speakers with the right sound for the right time. So, if you know what you want to do, we’ve got what you need to enhance your experience. This is why we’re here, since 2015 and beyond.

Simplifying sound choices

In 2015, entrepreneur Johan Wahlbäck, with a lifelong devotion to innovative functional design, gave himself a challenge: make it easier for people to find the right earphones in a maze-like earphone market. Defunc was born, premiering four original earbud models with clear names and purposes, available in three price categories to suit every wallet: MUSIC, TALK, SPORT and HYBRID.

Getting global ears listening

Our tenet of simplifying people’s sound choices soon started reaching ears outside of Sweden. Today, we’re present in over 35 markets, from the Americas to Asia. That’s coming a long way from our humble beginnings in a small office in Stockholm with just a few co-workers and an occasional dog.

Pioneering audio solutions

Experimenting to meet the moment and the future audio wants and needs is something that makes us tick. Take our early speakers, DUO, which gave stereo sound via two connectable Bluetooth units when nothing else on the market could. Or our first TRUE model, that combined a long-lasting power bank and earbuds in one device just as the mobile lifestyle was really taking off. Or our MOBILE GAMING earbuds, developed together with gamers and up-and-coming engineers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Or our MultiTip™️, a hybrid earbud tip based on consumer insight featuring most-liked music, communication and sports functions. To name a few.

Crafting a truly wireless world

We started with earbuds and now we’re returning to our roots by discovering novel ways of developing true wireless earbuds. Our TRUE collection today consists of earbuds tailored for enhancing for instance sports, entertainment, gaming, meeting and of course music experiences. Without compromising on other baseline features.

Modernizing multiroom speakers

Flexibility and agility to suit individual tastes have always been our focus. Soon, we’re launching our wireless multiroom Wi-Fi speakers HOME, pushing the boundaries of what a sound system can be. It’s powerful, smart sound meeting interior decoration. It’s sound to match people’s individual styles.

Collaborating creatively

It might be our Swedish sensibilities that make us love collaborating with like-minded people and organizations. A few collabs that we’re especially proud of are those we’ve done with prominent YouTuber and gamer Vanoss, Scandi fashion brand NA-KD and one of Sweden’s largest news outlets Dagens Nyheter.

Keeping the simplifying spirit

No matter how much we grow, we’ll always stay true to our independent mindset and core mission of simplifying sound choices by creating purposeful audio products with functional design. Or as our founder Johan Wahlbäck, says: "It’s all about the right to exist. In Swedish it’s called existensberättigande. Everything we do must have a right to exist. Everything we do must therefore be design and function."